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Hi guys


Well it's certainly been a very wet start to 2014 but thankfully Trinity isn't flooded :-) at least it's not cold. Hope you are all looking forward to plenty of fishing this year... Fins crossed we get a nice summer.. Considering the weather Trinity is fishing really well at the moment on all lakes.

Woodland lake is producing cracking bags of Carp to 70lb + and quality silver bags of Bream, Tench and Roach to 30lb+ . Main methods are pole, traditional wangler and feeder. Baits working best are dead red maggot over soaked micro, caster, worm and soft pellet.

Ask lake is producing quality bags to 40lb+ , mainly Crucians with Carp and silvers, best method is pole with dead red maggot over soaked micro, caster or soft pellet. Mainly fishing open water and deeper margins.

Wild marsh is fishing well with bags to 40lb+ of Carp and silvers again long pole or feeder with pellet, maggot, worm over ground bait. Cracking over night sessions with plenty of carp to low - mid doubles showing all over.. Mainly fruiter boilies with either PVA sticks or bags ( crushed boilie or pellet mix) in open water.

Chandos is fishing extremely well this year already producing 3 different 16lb , 2 18lb , 20 lb , a 12lb grass carp and numerous low doubles, mainly on fruiter baits are working the best ( tutti fruity) etc either scattered boilies or PVA sticks or bags with a chide or straight bottom bait.

Guys you want to get out night fishing it's still winter rates till end of February .. £15 for 1 night and £20 for 2 nights!!

We'll I hope you don't get put off with the weather as it's certainly not putting the fish off!

But remember if it's tough going scale down with maggot or caster with feeding little and often.

Catch plenty, fish loads
Take care