Trinity Waters Fishing Lake

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Welcome to Trinity Waters Fisheries

A Fantasic Carp and Course Fishery

Trinity Waters is a family run fishery in mature, tranquil Trinity Waters. Catering for anglers of all abilities, young and old, abled and lessabled. The fishery is growing from strength to strength and is hard to believe it was only established in 2000. Restocking is ongoing, the developments of existing and new lakes, as well as facilities, are always continuing..

The complex is split into 2 sites:- woodland site comprising of woodland lake and ash lake

Wildmarsh site comprising of Wildmarsh lake, Middlemarsh Lake and Chandos specimen carp lake,

Your Comments
Three of us went up to Oxford fishing, for one week, when we got there the temp was up and down that much fish just weren’t having any of it, so we decided to go down to Trinity, WHAT A GOOD MOVE, when we got there, we were made to feel welcome, grounds are clean, swims are clear, and the fishing was even better, well done trinity

This three lake fishery has just had another lake added too it making four its well stocked with carp too double figures Woodlands the match lake regularly does 100lbs plus too frame in matches many species here pellet and paste on the pole and pellt waggler are the methods in the summer now chopped worm and caster and corn are your best bets.

Go here if you want to bag up on carp and silver fish 100lbs plus or fish on pole inside and off the top 13/14 m out great days fishing with hot food from staff to your peg great place

Fishermans News Page
Fish Erman NewsHi everyone & welcome to fisherman news ,trinitys exclusive news page updated every month to help you catch more fish & give you up to date info on how its fishing & best tactics & to use to get results

Read More Updated 19/02/2014

£6.50 per day for one rod,£2.00 for any extra rod. consessions £4.00 a day £2.00 for any extra rod.

Night fishing

£20.00 -24hrs,  £30.00- 48hrs and £10.00 any night after that.

(There is no night fishing on the Middlemarsh Lake)

Trinity Water Opening Times
6 o/c – dusk summer months
Dawn till dusk winter months
Buy Your Licence Now
Buy your rod licence online,You can now buy your new licence for 2012/13.
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1.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm

see mish or ring 07896982567

for more info

f f

Middlemarsh Lake

Our new lake

Now open for


Situated by the middle car park

On Wildmarsh Site .

Send Us Your Photos
Have you got pictures from when you were fishing at Trinity Waters, if you have CLICK HERE

The Lakes
Middlemarsh Lake Middlemarsh lake is a traditional looking lake with established lily beds and weeping willows. It has 16 swims in totally some only a short walk from the car park. It has Carp , Bream and Tench in and will be solely for the pleasure angler. There will be no night fishing and no matches and a maximum of 2 rods per person.

View Gallery ------ View the lake
Woodland Lake is a superb 2 acre lake, 34, swims (6 Double). Ideal for the match or pleasure angler.
Heavily stocked with Carp to 20lb, Bream to 10lb, Tench to 8lb and quality silver fish. Match +pleasure weights to 100lb plus

View Gallery ------ View the lake
Ash Lake.  
All swims fishing to features and designed mainly for the pole angler. Heavily stocked with young carp, also Carp to 10lb, Tench to 8lb, Bream to 8lb pure crucians and plenty of silvers. There are 19 swims on this lake.

View Gallery -----View the lake----

Wildmarsh Lake. A superb lake for the match or pleasure angler. A truly traditional water of 6 acres, with 77 swims, (10 on the island), Glorious bays, spit, Lillie pads to name some of the features. Stocked with Carp to 25lb plus, Bream to 15lb, skimmers, Tench, quality Roach to 2½, Chub, Barbel to 4 1/2 lb. Ideal for all abilities and methods of fishing.
Night fishing allowed over 18’s only.

View Gallery ------ View the lake------

Chandos Specimen Carp Lake. Set in 3 acre of mature surroundings, over handling willows and established Lilly pads are some of the features on this beautiful 10 peg lake. Refurbished in the spring of 2004 with original and new carp, 80 between 10 and 28lb (there must now be a 30lb just waiting to be caught)!!!!! . Night fishing allowed but (bookings only). Over 18’s only.

Want Chandos Lake to your selves!

Fancy a break/holiday maybe!

1-7 night special!

Ring : mish on 07896982567

or sue on 07720542141

For exclusive whole lake special


View Gallery ------ View the lake------




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